Plastic Wrap Suspensions

By Lew Rubens When you think of suspension, you probably automatically think of rope. Rope is excellent, for sure. But there is more than one way to get your gravity-defying kink on! Pallet wrap bondage is a versatile option to rope suspension, with the potential for super-fluffy-floaty comfort to “are-you-effin’-kiddin’-me?” discomfort …and everything in between! With these techniques anyone can […]

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All About Gags

By Lew Lew Rubens is a true gag fetishist and has been practicing the ins and outs of gagging for many years. (See what we did there?) If you too think silence is not only golden but sexy, fun and sometimes practical – join Lew in this fun, hands-on class. What you’ll learn Different types of gags, including cleave gags, […]

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Nuthin but Hogties! Or: Hogtie Heaven!

By Lew Rubens Lew touches on the wonders of hogties in his Beginning Bondage class but now we delve deeper into one of THE most classic ties of all time. There are literally hundreds of variations of this sexy yet helpless tie. In this class we will explore as many as possible in the allotted time in this very hands […]

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Lew Rubens

Lew Rubens

Experienced rigger and suspension artist, Lew Rubens has a love and passion of bondage that shows in his work. Known mostly for his wild suspensions, Lew joined the public side of BDSM play spring of 2001 and started his first website, and started teaching his unique simple bondage style which he branded as “Lewbari” the other “bari” A few […]

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