Presented By: Hedwig What are some of the opportunities and challenges that we meet as rope switches? A discussion and hands on based session that will give switches the opportunities to explore both different approaches to switching together with others, but also find ways to have fun with rope beyond the rigid framework of top and bottom dichotomies.

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Body image and kink

Presented by: Hedwig How can we work with feeling good in our bodies when there are so many expectations how it should look like or work? Even in kink communities, what affects us negatively and how can we work to create body positive spaces both for ourselves and our fellow kinksters.

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Co-lab: tying together

Presented by: Hedwig Do you tie yourself? Or perhaps tie with someone who ties themselves? In this co-operative class, we will explore selftying through movement, observation & play. Various exercises will challenge everyone involved, regardless who is tying, to find new fun ways of incorporating tying and getting tied that lies beyond the dichotomy of rigger & rope partner. Prepare […]

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Tempus Fuckit

Presented by: Hedwig Time is not just about how quickly you tie, but it is also how about you spent the time that you have with your partner in ropes. This class will go through exercises that will highlight how time, pace and timing in rope bondage can be both your friend as well as your enemy as your rope […]

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Hedwig is a queer feminist, poly, switchy femme, born, raised and currently residing in Sweden. She picked up rope after having moved to London and exploring the rope scene there. Rope bondage has since become a huge part of her life that she explore both as a personal passion, as well as being active learning and sharing from those around […]

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