Anatomy for Rope

Presented by Frozen Meursault Based on common injuries and problems, this course will take a practical look at anatomy as it relates to rope. Nerve injuries will be the major focus of this class, and students will see why those should of primary concern. Rope will never be without risk, but following this course, riggers and bottoms will understand better […]

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Blood and Air: Breath Play Deconstructed

Presented by: Frozen Meursault Little in kink is as divisive as breath play. By separating the various topics under the “breath play” umbrella and applying research and knowledge from a number of sources actual risks and common misconceptions will be discussed. The mechanics of blood restriction to the brain will be explored, as will the broader implications of effecting gas […]

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Frozen Meursault

Frozen Meursault

Frozen Meursault is a paramedic and educator by day, dominant sadist and educator by night. He loves to make pretty women cry and teach others how to safely do the same. His classes are informed heavily based on his emergency medicine experience and his successes and failures in kink. Frozen Meursault has presented nationally at DO: Winter Fire, DO: Fusion, […]

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