Electrical Play (E-stim) 101

By Eibon E-stim involves using what amounts to jacked-up TENS units for pleasure and/or pain. Many women who have experienced e-stim have compared it to being “fucked by a ghost.” In E-stim 101 we’ll discuss safety/health concerns related to e-stim, move on to equipment considerations, then conclude with a live demonstration.

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High-end Electrical Play – Light, Sound, Massage, Electricity

By Eibon This class takes electrical play to the next level by combining light, sound, massage, and electricity to create an immersive experience. Please note this is an advanced class – E-stim 101 handouts will be available and safety will be very briefly discussed, but this is the “deep end” of e-stim.

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After spending several years living in Europe while serving in the US military Eibon (pronounced “eye-bon”) returned to the States and began an informal study of the dark side of the mind, which consisted of everything from managing “Mystery” of VH1’s “The Pickup Artist” fame to studying the linguistic stylings of Charles Manson. A late-night encounter with a young woman […]

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