Microbondage: Playing the Strings

Presented By: Danarama The fine art of microbondage involves tying someone (or yourself) with narrow gauge cordage. 2mm twine. Single-strand string. Even dental floss! Rope bondage is hot, but when the fibers get thinner, the the heat goes up. Microbondage is ideal for tying smaller appendages like fingers, toes, nipples, earlobes, any form of genitals, and extra-sensitive parts of the […]

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Fingerbanging, Squirting & Mastering the G-Spot

Presented By: Danarama Learn nearly fifty ways to let your fingers do the fucking, with dynamic techniques that range from intimately gentle to intensely mind-blowing. Learn the tantric and porn proven secrets of getting women to squirt. Drive her wild by putting imaginative attention on her clit, vulva, and more. Discover how to read your partner’s sexual response, find her […]

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In his 23 years as a lifestyle Dom, performer, and BDSM educator, Danarama’s experience includes more than two years as Director of Kink University.com, 13 years as one of the world renowned Two Knotty Boys rope bondage instruction duo (now retired), co-author of two best-selling rope bondage books, and rigger/director/performer in hundreds of BDSM instructional videos, including many free online […]

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Middling: Three-way Play & Proxy Topping

Presented By: Danarama Incorporating a third into your BDSM can add an exciting element of novelty to a scene, especially by delegating a Middle to execute your commands, techniques, and punishments. Demanding the best skills of trust, management, and communication, working with (or as) a Middle is great for training, role play, a natural transition for switches, and an awesome […]

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