Chaos in the Dungeon

Presented by: Cat Maverick Crazy ideas from the light hearted, through the fun and 2 steps past ridiculous: A lively class about improv, improbable toys, impossible predicaments, and hilarious games. Imparting joy into D/s and S&M…This is why we call it PLAY. (apologies in advance for noisy laughter and disruptive noise)

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Genitals! They aren’t JUST for pleasure!

Presented by: Cat Maverick Mild to wild – genitals offer an exciting playground for torment. This class will cover anatomy and safety considerations and then delve into things like: bondage, temperature play, clothespins, elastics, ball busting and cunt punting, needles and piercing play, clamps and weights, chemical play, stretching / filling / poking, bondage and chastity, elastics and other super […]

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Super Fluffy Needle Torture

Presented by: Cat Maverick Do you have a real masochist on your hands? Are you tired of wearing yourself out hitting them with things? This class will allow you to torture them while sitting down! Needles can be used for so many things – but torture is a good one. This class covers the basics: clean technique and safety… and […]

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I’m Cat Maverick and I’m a Sadist. Cat Maverick is an active and enthusiastic member of her local kink community and sits on the board for the CCSPC. She loves sharing her experience, passions and perversions, and is thrilled be able to travel to events to present and participate, learn new things and meet tribe everywhere she goes! Cat has […]

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