Leather 101

Presented by: BusDriver & Pink “Leather” can be a hard topic to understand. What is it? How do people ‘become’ part of the Leather community? What are some of the key differences and similarities between BDSM and Leather? In this class we’ll look at what draws kinksters to the Leather lifestyle. BusDriver and his girl Pink will share some basic […]

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M/s, D/s, and Leather Relationships

Presented by:BusDriver & Pink For those brave souls interested in developing a power shifted relationship or finding new inspirations for an existing one, this class shares some of the practical tools and advanced skills essential to developing healthy, sustainable, long-term relationships. Our goal is to help you get the most mutual satisfaction out of your power-shifted and emotionally-charged arrangement, and […]

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Heavy Flogging: Deep Impact

Presented by: BusDriver & Pink This flogging workshop is for people who are looking to kick their impact game up a notch, and would like to learn how to really put the hurt on their play partners safely. The goals of this workshop are to show you new techniques to use with existing toys, to broaden your play repertoire and […]

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Bus Driver & Pink

Bus Driver & Pink

Daniel (BusDriver) and Pink are a married Leather M/s couple and the 2011 Northwest Master/slave titleholders with over 25 years combined experience in kink as public players in the BDSM community and performing arts. Together they present workshops from both Top and bottom perspectives with a pro-consent, sustainable, and healthy BDSM agenda. In addition to teaching and performing at many […]

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