Playing with Gravity: Partial Suspensions for Fun & Torture

Presented by: BoundtoFly In this workshop (or demo), we’ll be looking at all the fun that we can have with partial suspensions, from just starting out with a little extra “zip”, to predicament, connective slow playing, or truly tough positions that may be too difficult with full suspension. In this novice rigger level course, we’ll be discussing levels of risk […]

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Rope 101: From Zero to Fun on Day One

Presented by: BoundtoFly Want to explore rope, but confused by all the apparent complexity? Scared by the possible risks of this style of play? In this fast paced workshop, learn the basics of safe rope bondage. and go home and have safe erotic play – today! This class, designed for newcomers to rope as well as kink, goes into the […]

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Tame Your Man: Tying and Controlling Your Man

Presented by: BoundtoFly Rope bondage can be a great deal of erotic fun. In this workshop, we’ll take a look at fun ways of tying your man with rope. We’ll look at various styles of play from erotic, to seduction, to dominating and controlling him. And since your average Domme is often more petite than her man, we’ll discuss ways […]

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BoundToFly is an out Gay Leatherman and HIV Activist who has found his passion in Shibari aka Japanese rope bondage. His roots are in the gay Leather world and considering his passion for rock climbing, it seems inevitable that rope bondage would be a natural fit. But it took the passion, energy and connection of Shibari and Kinbaku for it […]

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