Structuring the D/s Relationship and the Rose Colored Glasses Phenomenon

November 19, 2017 at 3:43 pm ,

Presented by: Mistress Marlene

The relationship between domination and submission has a certain complex simplicity, it can be crazy making and amazing simultaneously but make no mistake, it will always be work, hard work.

It begins with the choices we make on both sides of the slash. Making conscious deliberate decisions has its own kind of power and self worth, on either side of the slash. By choosing our partners, not by availability, but by similar kinks and desires we make for smoother sailings in D/s.

Our chances to survive and thrive increase dramatically not from the opportunity to try it out, but from the Power Exchange that is necessary to cultivate authentic disbursement of control.

Every word action and inaction moves us forward or keeps us in limbo. The first step is the choice we make to take the journey into D/s. Watch out for those Rose Colored Glasses, they have a way of creating initial compromises that will not always hold water a few months later.

Rose Colored Glasses allow us to see what we want to see, they shadow the warts we prefer not to see and set us on a path that may not turn out quite as hoped. Rose Colored Glasses have their positive shades of pink, let’s take a look at the different hues, you and I.

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