Squirting, Fingerbanging & G-Spot Orgasms

October 31, 2016 at 12:21 pm ,

By Danarama

An entire workshop on fingering? Yes, and not a moment wasted.

Learn nearly fifty ways to let your fingers do the fucking, with dynamic techniques that range from intimately gentle to intensely mind-blowing.

Drive her wild by putting imaginative attention on her clit, cunt, ass, and more. Discover how to read your partner’s sexual response, find her G-spot and focus on it, even without her uttering a word.

Arm your hands with the ability to deliver dozens of amazing sensations using one finger, two fingers, all fingers, thumbs, two hands, forearms, adding vibrators/ticklers/toys, and more…often with squirt-inducing success.

1. Overview and internal geography
2. Preparation and safety
3. Basic techniques: one and two fingers
4. Advanced fingering techniques
5. Two hands and more
6. Incorporating toys

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