Osada Ryu

December 1, 2016 at 12:24 pm ,

By Barkas

Osada Ryu is one of the very few structured schools of Japanese Rope Bondage. The focus herein lies on the partner and how to take care of this person. The Osada Ryu consists of a philosophical approach and of a system of numberless bondage patterns and micro techniques.

The first can be described as a way of how to behave in a rope scene to a beloved person. The class gives a first insight into the principles of Osada Ryu and offers a few rope techniques.


  • The 9 gates of Osada Ryu
  • A single column tie which makes already fun to tie
  • Ipponnawa (one rope techniques)
  • Armbinder
  • Tips and tricks for rope bottoming by Addie

Prerequisites: none

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