Lord Mykel & Lady Moonfyre

July 8, 2016 at 3:20 pm ,


Moonfyre has been a professional public speaker since 1988. She presents workshops and lectures with professionalism, humour and the ability to actively engage her audience.

Lady Moonfyre is a published author on relationships, sexuality and alternative lifestyle, and a dedicated, passionate presenter. She has been actively living her kink for nearly 2 decades and joyfully shares stories of learning the hard way, fabulous adventures and how to keep the passion burning brightly. She enjoys encouraging people to reach their full kinky potential; this love let her to writing and presenting.

Lady Moonfyre is an alpha-submissive and lady of Lord Mykel’s household, The House of Fyrewind. She goes by the name “His moonfyre” in scene space and her pony persona is “pony girl Blaze”. Lord Mykel and His Moonfyre are proud to represent pony play as the 2015 IPPC Grand Champion and adore sharing their passion for pony play everywhere they visit.

Both Lord Mykel and Moonfyre enjoy sharing the allure of SM and power exchange play in many forms. He will co-present with her offering valuable, entertaining insights from the Sadist’s perception. They produce and perform scene music and fetish shows as the performance art duo, Pocket Universe. They have released a series of albums designed for creating great headspace during a scene.

Some of the places she has presented include: Whiplash Productions, Sagacity’s Birthday Bash, Edmonton O Society, Lupercalia, BRATS, COPE Dungeon – Taboo Sex Show, Training Tea Time, W3, Kinky Explorations, Views from the Bottom, Indigeo Conception, Beyond Leather, Tooth and Claw weekend intensive. As well, she provides individual/small group teaching and coaching.

Workshops by Lord Mykel & Lady Moonfyre

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