Mistress Marlene

September 9, 2017 at 12:56 pm ,

You know the ‘old adage, opinions are like ass holes everyone has one, fact not fiction.

So take my opinions with a grain of salt unless they ring a bell. If they ring a bell my opinions have already been your own, today you hear them spoken by another. Validation and inspiration is the heart of my M/s D/s passions when I give workshops or classes…yours not mine. You are my validation.

My feet are becoming restless as my eyes scan the faces in every room I enter. My ears tuned to all the corners they can reach. Eyes not belying anything I wish to keep hidden while they rest here and there. I am driven by the calm raging normalcy of Mistress/slave relationships, the sharing of experiences with those finding where they hope to land. This is my world and I welcome you in if it resonates with you.

Guiding thoughts and validating what really is ok while looking bluntly at deal breakers and deal makers.

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