Middling: Three-way Play & Proxy Topping

December 26, 2017 at 11:40 pm ,

Presented By: Danarama

Incorporating a third into your BDSM can add an exciting element of novelty to a scene, especially by delegating a Middle to execute your commands, techniques, and punishments.

Demanding the best skills of trust, management, and communication, working with (or as) a Middle is great for training, role play, a natural transition for switches, and an awesome mindfuck. It’s also a great way for Doms to bring a new Top into a BDSM relationship while maintaining supervision and without sacrificing the Dominant role.

It’s also an awesome prelude or addition to threesome sex.

1. The element of “remote control”

2. Delegating tips for Doms

3. How to find and negotiate a Middle act

4. Middling for training

5. Middling for role play

6. What you can learn from your Middle

7. Scenario ideas for using a Middle

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