November 1, 2016 at 12:35 pm ,

By Lady Moonfyre & Lord Mykel

Seducing the Top, flirting with the Sadist… It is all fun and games and hopefully someone gets hurt.

Master-baiting is a delightful play on words that means you are enticing them to get a Mean-on. Which of course will arouse in them the desire to get their Mean-off on your willing masochistic bottom.

Letting a sadist or dominant you are interested in know you are lusting for them can be confusing. Many bottoms, masochists and submissives struggle with how to navigate this very delightful part of the SM courtship.

This class is entertaining and informative for both the bottom and the TOP… In fact we LOVE having a sadist or three in the class to flirt with and hopefully we can pick up ideas about what turns them on.

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