It’s all about the Attitude

November 19, 2017 at 3:42 pm ,

Presented by: Mistress Marlene

Attitude will eventually make or break D/s opportunities and relationships. It really doesn’t matter which side of the slash one is on. Attitude leads us to or from those we might hope to spend our lives with.

The questions I would pose are, as a dominant how do you see yourself as being perceived through the eyes of submissives, yours in particular, or the one(s) you have your eye on. Is it how you wish to be known or or how you are projecting due to outside influences?

Have you been led to domination by the needs or ass kissing of those who would have their kinks fulfilled through you or are you driven to have power control and authority over others?

As a submissive how do others see you, is the perception of those you might like to notice, a facade or the genuine you? Do you need to bend your knee to power authority and control or is your preference more along the play scale.

Attitude in scene is as important as it is in the day to day life we live through D/s, it must come from an authentic place at the end of the day, through a real desire to be responsible for the growth and of success of the one you have chosen to be under or have over you.

There is no universal way to live D/s. For some the domination works best if it is soft and sensual nurturing and playful, for others there is an under tone of brutality and strict adherence to rules and rituals.

The pairings of needs and inclinations are diverse but the bigger picture ramifications are often predictable.

A consistent and realistic attitude can be a deal maker or a deal breaker.

Let us explore the how’s the who’s the why’s of Attitude, it’s deal makers and deal breakers.

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