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ARodMaster got his start in BDSM in the late 1970’s. His first experience with kink was when he restrained his girlfriend with rope, something he learned from the pages of a famous magazine’s ‘letter’ column. In the early 1990’s, Hunter entered the BDSM/kink scene while living in Seattle, where he attended educational classes and workshops, before returning to Los Angeles.

While there in California, he began, and continues to, make and sell acrylic ‘rods’ as they are called. That was ten years ago. While in California, he presented his caning skills at Threshold Society, OCLA, Sanctuary, The Lair De Sade, LARAWW, and San Diego Leather Pride, before returning to Seattle in 2012..

ARodMaster returned to Seattle and two years later, he added drumming to his caning repertoire, which is well known in the NW community. There, he has fashioned quite a niche for acrylic caning, brought to light through attendance at the ‘taster’ events held at the CSPC (Center for Sex Positive Culture). He has presented his caning style with acrylic rods at the BSPC in Bellingham, WA, and in Everett, at last year’s BDSM Writer’s Conference.

Workshops by ARodMaster

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