Heavy Flogging: Deep Impact

November 18, 2017 at 4:27 pm ,

Presented by: BusDriver & Pink

This flogging workshop is for people who are looking to kick their impact game up a notch, and would like to learn how to really put the hurt on their play partners safely. The goals of this workshop are to show you new techniques to use with existing toys, to broaden your play repertoire and improve your style flexibility, and teach you how to transform your bottom into a quivering pile of happy goo without damaging them.

This workshop will cover a primer of basic flogging techniques, safety, and the effects of different flogger materials selections before moving into the core concepts of physiology, Kinesthesiology, and flogging scene construction; warmup, ramping, rhythm, transitions, curveballs, endgames, and aftercare. Finally, the interactive portion of this flogging workshop will show you the range of swings and footwork needed to put more leather on your victims, er bottoms, and explore different variations of swing mechanics for a range of body types.

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