Get Your Flirt On

October 31, 2016 at 12:18 pm ,

By Allena

Flirting is natural for some folks but for most of us it takes practice. Flirting is a form of human interaction, usually expressing a sexual or romantic interest in the other person.

Flirting is a way of treating serious things (such as sexual attraction) with an almost mocking or self-mocking air of ease.

Flirting is sometimes used as a means of expressing interest and gauging the other person’s interest in courtship, which can continue into long term relationships such as marriage.

Alternatively, it may simply be a prelude to casual sex with no continuing relationship. In other situations, it may be done simply for immediate entertainment, with no intention of developing any further relationship.

Whatever style of flirting you want engage in, Allena will teach you how to do it. She’ll cover some of the basics of flirting and why they work and you’ll get a chance to “get your flirt on” for real in this interactive workshop.

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