Frozen Meursault

July 13, 2017 at 12:50 pm ,

Frozen Meursault is a paramedic and educator by day, dominant sadist and educator by night. He loves to make pretty women cry and teach others how to safely do the same. His classes are informed heavily based on his emergency medicine experience and his successes and failures in kink.

Frozen Meursault has presented nationally at DO: Winter Fire, DO: Fusion, DO: Surrender, Paradise Unbound, Bound in Boston, The Floating World, The Geeky Kink Event, and TES Fest and for a number of regional groups such as the TES, Black Rose Society, Rochester Kink Society, Syracuse D/s Society, Kingston Ontario Kinksters, The Kraken’s Lair, and The Center in Montreal. He routinely travels throughout the North Eastern United States and Eastern Canada to present, but is available for engagements elsewhere as well.

He has taken his love of teaching in to other circles through his corporate training business.

Connect with Frozen Meursault through FrozenMeursault, on Twitter via @FrozenMeursault,
or through e-mail.

Comments, questions, concerns, criticisms, and apple rhubarb pie recipes are always welcome.

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