Firm-Hand-Buddha & Aropedeevil

September 9, 2017 at 12:49 pm ,

Firm-Hand-Buddha identifies first and foremost as an ethical sadist. He is Daddy to his life-partner and babygurl Aropedeevil. Other than hurting consenting, reactive playmates, Firm-Hand-Buddha is passionate about fostering sex-positive values, and believes in shame free, comprehensive sexual information for persons of all ages.

Aropedeevil is a pansexual, sado-masochistic swtich with a love for spankings and rope. Although she is a dedicated submissive and babygurl to FHB, she is also a strong minded feminist and activist.

Firm-Hand-Buddha and Aropedeevil have been actively advocating for ethical, consensual BDSM for several years. While living up north they founded a group and organized learning events, presentations and demonstrations for the Kinky and Curious, and in more recent years they have presented at DADE, TNG (EDMONTON), Hallowed Screams, Lupercalia, ASPECC, various universities and at Taboo Shows.

They are guest lecturers at the University of Alberta, where they provide content for a post graduate Sexual Health Certification and are two of the original founders of ASPECC, a sex positive organization that offers and facilitates sex positive workshops and gatherings. In their spare time they craft erotic candles and bondage rope.

Workshops Offered by Firm-Hand-Buddha & Aropedeevil

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