Extra-ordinary Service

November 1, 2016 at 12:37 pm ,

By Lady Moonfyre & Lord Mykel

Not only can it be rewarding and extremely fun, it’s a two way street. Service is more than housework or serving a nice dinner, although those are wonderful things too!

Service is finely focussed attention of the bottom onto the top. Service is attention to details and desires, and meeting those needs with promptness and deference. Service can be purely sexual and animalistic. Service can be an exercise in power dynamics. Service can be an all-encompassing mental and emotionally invested scene.

Presented with considerations from both the bottom; proactive service, directed service, protocols and form, as well as from the top; allowing someone to serve you, being served should not become ‘work’, developing preferences, navigating skill development.

Service in short term engagements and in long term relationships can be dynamic and exciting. Explore some fun activities and service oriented scene ideas that can result in some heady sub and top head space.

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