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After spending several years living in Europe while serving in the US military Eibon (pronounced “eye-bon”) returned to the States and began an informal study of the dark side of the mind, which consisted of everything from managing “Mystery” of VH1’s “The Pickup Artist” fame to studying the linguistic stylings of Charles Manson. A late-night encounter with a young woman he met online in late 2005 piqued his curiosity about BDSM. In 2006 he officially entered the scene, then by late 2007 he had purchased his first electrical gear and was off and running, giving demonstrations not too long after.

Known for bearing a sadistic grin and frequently accused of “evil” he is a member of the Society of Janus, was a Founder in the Boise BDSM Society, created IdahoBDSM.com, has had his writing appear in SECRET Magazine from Belgium, appeared in shadow to talk about the lifestyle with Boise CBS affiliate KBOI-2 for their “A Little 50 Shades – Boise Style” feature in May 2013, and appeared on Playboy TV’s “Undercover” in August 2016. His presentations range from the serious to the absurd, often reflecting the energy of the audience.

Workshops by Eibon

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