Dungeon Rules

January 7, 2018 at 11:17 pm


1. No means NO! Play involves only consensual acts.

2. The house safeword is “SAFEWORD”. Dungeon Monitors (DM) will also be listening for “red” and “yellow.”

3. Do not join a scene in progress unless explicitly invited to join PRIOR to the start of the scene.

4.If you see a mess or spill in the dungeon, alert a DM or an MVK Board Member for clean up.

5. Anyone requiring First Aid should immediately see a DM.

6. If you have questions about how to use a piece of equipment or how things work in the dungeon, ask for assistance from a DM or an MVK Board Member.

7. Do not move any equipment without first asking a DM.

8. The DMs MUST be alerted about certain scenes BEFORE they start including take downs, blood play and extreme edge play. Any safety recommendations made by the DMs must be adhered to for the scene to proceed.

9. If you will be using a gag in a scene, a visual safeword MUST first be established with a DM.

10. A DMs decision is final. Metro Vancouver Kink supports the decisions of DMs.

11. All play must take place in the dungeon space.

12. No solo play is permitted. Self suspension is permitted with a spotter.

13. Non-permitted play: vomit, scat play, rape play, face punching, golden showers and fire play.

14. No genital to genital, genital to anal, oral to genital or oral to anal is permitted. Dildos, strap-ons, etc. may be used in the dungeons. Please see a DM if you require clarification.

15. Restricted play items: firearms (real or replica); stun guns or tasers; irritants such as mace, “bear spray” and pepper spray.

16. Recording images and sound is not permitted in the dungeon. Cell phones, cameras, laptops, and other electronic devices which may have recording capabilities are prohibited. If you need to use it, please take it out to the lobby.

17. Clean equipment after use with provided cleaner wipes. Please comply with posted cleaning instructions.

18. Barriers are recommended and available for any body-invasive play (i.e., dildos, fisting, toys, etc.).

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in your removal from the dungeon by the Dungeon Monitor Coordinator. 


At the Party

No means no.

When in doubt, ask an MVK Board Member or Dungeon Monitor (DM). DMs wear red sashes.

Respect others’ personal space – look, but please don’t touch without asking!

Be courteous.

As the dungeon will be very crowded, please only enter the dungeon space if you will be playing. You are always free to be a voyeur in the social area!

Be aware that loud conversation near or on the dungeon floor could interrupt scenes in progress.

If you see something you think is unsafe, inform a DM or an MVK Board Member. Do not intervene yourself.

Don’t touch others’ toys or equipment without the owner’s permission.

Please do not loudly voice criticisms of others’ play, attire or appearance.

What happens at Westcoast Bound stays at Westcoast Bound. Respect the privacy of others.

Don’t expect others to participate in your kink without their consent. People may use whatever titles and protocols they wish (“slave”, “Master”, “Mistress”, etc.), but we all enter this space as equals.

Inside the Aftercare Area

The Aftercare Area is a safe space for enjoying simple, non-sexual touch with others.

Sex and play are not permitted.

No means no, just like everywhere else at the party.

The Aftercare Area is not monitored by the DM Team.

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