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In his 23 years as a lifestyle Dom, performer, and BDSM educator, Danarama’s experience includes more than two years as Director of Kink University.com, 13 years as one of the world renowned Two Knotty Boys rope bondage instruction duo (now retired), co-author of two best-selling rope bondage books, and rigger/director/performer in hundreds of BDSM instructional videos, including many free online bondage tutorials.

Since 2012 he continues to teach his own live workshops, sharing his immediately empowering skills and intensely fun and creative BDSM style at international conferences, local classes, and even universities. He also records and tours internationally with his goth/industrial band Harmjoy. In addition to rigging for hundreds of fetish photographers, Dan has also co-directed and performed as a Dominant for other websites including SexandSubmission.com, TheUpperFloor.com, and DungeonSex.com.

Website: CreativeBDSM.com
Whiplr: Danarama
Fetlife: Danarama
Twitter: @DanaramaSF

Workshops Offered by Danarama

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