July 13, 2017 at 12:18 pm ,

I’m Cat Maverick and I’m a Sadist.

Cat Maverick is an active and enthusiastic member of her local kink community and sits on the board for the CCSPC. She loves sharing her experience, passions and perversions, and is thrilled be able to travel to events to present and participate, learn new things and meet tribe everywhere she goes! Cat has been lucky enough to present locally in Calgary for my home community events, as well as in Edmonton (Lupercalia, AWOL, Alt Space, W3), Victoria BC (Indigeo Conception), Nanaimo BC (Island Mayhem), Winnipeg MB (WSPC Fantasy) and Seattle Washington (Renegades Rendezvous).

Cat loves power exchange as the basis for deep connections in kink relationships. Shes’s known for intense, creative, edgy play but also for humour, and a dash of the unexpected. She fetishizes sharp, shiny, dangerous things, like needles, scalpels, straight razors, knives and swords and is known for being gleefully sadistic and rather “bitey/screamy”.

Cat is a PRICK when she plays and strives for ongoing informed consent, risk awareness and education, and personal responsibility. Once that is covered she can get down to truly fucking people up! No matter what the topic, Cat offers presentations with vibrant energy, sadistic humour, and shameless sexual innuendo.

Workshops Offered by Cat Maverick

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