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Barkas became an Osada Ryu instructor in 2011 when he opened the Shibari Dojo Vienna.

He is one of the 4 licenced Osada Ryu instructors of the world. As a by-product of this high level education, he developed his own, very specific style “Ranboo”, which is a highly dynamical and stormy way of doing and thinking Kinbaku.

He co-organizes the annual Viennese Rope Festival and other events such as the “A night full of Kinbaku”. Within his work as a Kinbaku teacher and performer, he cooperates with different artists and arts institutions, such as the Zafraan ensemble or the Viennese Tanzquartier and others.

Performances and Workshops all over the world, such as at Shibaricon (‘14 & ‘15) in Chicago, at Moscow knot, at Kannawa Kai in Tokyo, at West Coast Bound in Vancouver and many more events and occasions made Barkas a well-known Kinbaku artist.

A special focus of Barkas is the implementation of various philosophical, sociological, physical, mathematical and historical ideas into his approach. A recent development of Barkas is the metaphor of tying as an interview – a certain mind-set that can help to perfect one’s own style. Intellectuality and emotionality don’t contradict each other. “To fill the techniques with life and personality”. He doesn’t tie people, he ties with them.

Addie has been a regular in the Vancouver rope scene for several years now. She wears many hats – rigger, bottom, self-suspender, educator, performer, and co-leader of Vancouver Hitchin’ Bitches.

She has spent the past couple years adventuring, learning, and teaching with her partner Barkas at events around the globe, where her focus has been on supplying quality bottoming information and education. She identifies as a switch, a sensation enthusiast, and an experience monger.

Addie enjoys testing and being tested, laughing while ouching people, and creative/unusual scenes. She is excited to be able to share some time and information with her home community, where she started her fantastic tumble down the rabbit hole.

Workshops by Barkas and Addie

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