Dungeon Rules

Rules 1. No means NO! Play involves only consensual acts. 2. The house safeword is “SAFEWORD”. Dungeon Monitors (DM) will also be listening for “red” and “yellow.” 3. Do not join a scene in progress unless explicitly invited to join PRIOR to the start of the scene. 4.If you see a mess or spill in the dungeon, alert a DM […]

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Microbondage: Playing the Strings

Presented By: Danarama The fine art of microbondage involves tying someone (or yourself) with narrow gauge cordage. 2mm twine. Single-strand string. Even dental floss! Rope bondage is hot, but when the fibers get thinner, the the heat goes up. Microbondage is ideal for tying smaller appendages like fingers, toes, nipples, earlobes, any form of genitals, and extra-sensitive parts of the […]

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Fingerbanging, Squirting & Mastering the G-Spot

Presented By: Danarama Learn nearly fifty ways to let your fingers do the fucking, with dynamic techniques that range from intimately gentle to intensely mind-blowing. Learn the tantric and porn proven secrets of getting women to squirt. Drive her wild by putting imaginative attention on her clit, vulva, and more. Discover how to read your partner’s sexual response, find her […]

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In his 23 years as a lifestyle Dom, performer, and BDSM educator, Danarama’s experience includes more than two years as Director of Kink University.com, 13 years as one of the world renowned Two Knotty Boys rope bondage instruction duo (now retired), co-author of two best-selling rope bondage books, and rigger/director/performer in hundreds of BDSM instructional videos, including many free online […]

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Middling: Three-way Play & Proxy Topping

Presented By: Danarama Incorporating a third into your BDSM can add an exciting element of novelty to a scene, especially by delegating a Middle to execute your commands, techniques, and punishments. Demanding the best skills of trust, management, and communication, working with (or as) a Middle is great for training, role play, a natural transition for switches, and an awesome […]

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Bootblacking with Style

Presented By: Rainbow This is not going to be a how to clean and polish a boot class. This class will go through what a bootblacking night and or scene might entail, from negotiation and set up, through to bootblacking, final appreciation and tips. We will go over these items with the lense of style and flair, or how different […]

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Rainbow is a kinky, nerdy, incredibly enthusiastic bootblack that’s honored to be this years Western Canada Bootblack. Rainbow’s pronouns are they/them and she/her. Having bootblacked for the past 6 years, in a variety of environments and dynamics, she aims to share her love of leather care, and the pants feelings it can cause to as many people as she can. […]

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Smack! Impact Play 101

Presented By: Red Robin Have you ever had a smack to the butt and knew you wanted more? Do you have a partner that has asked you to spank them, but you’re not sure if there’s a technique to it? Those floggers look intimidating, how do I use them? There is absolutely technique to impact play, and anyone can learn! […]

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Presented By: Hedwig What are some of the opportunities and challenges that we meet as rope switches? A discussion and hands on based session that will give switches the opportunities to explore both different approaches to switching together with others, but also find ways to have fun with rope beyond the rigid framework of top and bottom dichotomies.

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What You are in the Dark

Presented By: Xanthine “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” When we begin with kink, sometimes we’re frozen with self-doubt; how to stand, what to say, what to do next. When we’re experienced, we fall into accustomed and successful patterns; but familiarity can breed complacency. In this class, we’ll explore the […]

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Switch Fight

Presented By: Xanthine Switches are tricky beasts. How do you decide who plays which role? How do switches in a long term relationship continue to get their needs met? What are the stereotypes around switches and how do we dismantle them? Join us for a series of demos and examples of how two switches can play with each other, how […]

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How Not to Negotiate

Presented By: Xanthine Negotiation is a necessary part of play and….zzzzzzzz……Yeah, it’s usually boring. And often ineffective. It can put the responsibility for thinking of every contingency in the hands of the bottom, who doesn’t want it, and takes the creativity and sensuality of the top and turns it into a predictable list, while still leaving the important details open […]

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Creative Bondage for Torture and Humiliation part 1: Above the belt

Presented by: Tifereth Too often bondage and torture can feel predictable. In this hands-on workshop we’ll embrace the weird, awkward and unexpected in a truly sadistic way. You’ll learn every Dirty Bondage Trick in Tifereth’s extensive playbook to enhance the bondage you already know. Bottoms should expect to be challenged with the humiliating, unexpected, uncomfortable, and downright intolerable in this […]

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Pain Lab

Presented by: Tifereth Rope hurts. In this lab Tifereth works with both bottoms and Tops to help make the intolerable aspects of bondage suck a little less. Together you’ll examine both Top’s rope and bottom’s processing and body management with the goal of finding techniques to minimize the unwanted pains so both partners can focus on the fun kinds. This […]

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The Peach Tie

Presented by: Tifereth The peach tie is a suspension hip harness, that combines all the features of a solid, multi (5!) point non-hip loading harness with the bonus feature of making butts look great. Simple to tie, easy to maneuver in the air, aesthetically pleasing and incredibly comfortable. What more could you possibly want out of a butt-enhancing suspension harness?

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Playing with Gravity: Partial Suspensions for Fun & Torture

Presented by: BoundtoFly In this workshop (or demo), we’ll be looking at all the fun that we can have with partial suspensions, from just starting out with a little extra “zip”, to predicament, connective slow playing, or truly tough positions that may be too difficult with full suspension. In this novice rigger level course, we’ll be discussing levels of risk […]

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Rope 101: From Zero to Fun on Day One

Presented by: BoundtoFly Want to explore rope, but confused by all the apparent complexity? Scared by the possible risks of this style of play? In this fast paced workshop, learn the basics of safe rope bondage. and go home and have safe erotic play – today! This class, designed for newcomers to rope as well as kink, goes into the […]

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Tame Your Man: Tying and Controlling Your Man

Presented by: BoundtoFly Rope bondage can be a great deal of erotic fun. In this workshop, we’ll take a look at fun ways of tying your man with rope. We’ll look at various styles of play from erotic, to seduction, to dominating and controlling him. And since your average Domme is often more petite than her man, we’ll discuss ways […]

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Body image and kink

Presented by: Hedwig How can we work with feeling good in our bodies when there are so many expectations how it should look like or work? Even in kink communities, what affects us negatively and how can we work to create body positive spaces both for ourselves and our fellow kinksters.

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Co-lab: tying together

Presented by: Hedwig Do you tie yourself? Or perhaps tie with someone who ties themselves? In this co-operative class, we will explore selftying through movement, observation & play. Various exercises will challenge everyone involved, regardless who is tying, to find new fun ways of incorporating tying and getting tied that lies beyond the dichotomy of rigger & rope partner. Prepare […]

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Tempus Fuckit

Presented by: Hedwig Time is not just about how quickly you tie, but it is also how about you spent the time that you have with your partner in ropes. This class will go through exercises that will highlight how time, pace and timing in rope bondage can be both your friend as well as your enemy as your rope […]

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Beginning with the End in Mind

Presented by: Miss Amy Red Many D/s relationships aren’t built to last, but that doesn’t mean they’re doomed to failure. What if the terms of the end of a relationship could be negotiated and framed as a success up front? In this class, we will explore options for negotiating and participating in intentionally bounded D/s relationships.

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Pressure Points, An Introduction

Presented by: Woodentiger69 Touch can be a pleasurable experience, whether it is a light caress, or a firm touch. But sometimes we crave a more intense sensation that can take our breath away and bring us to our knees. Pressure points can be used to achieve this level of sensory stimulation. Woodentiger69 first learned to use pressure points in the […]

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Packing Consent in Your Toybag

Presented by: Princess Kali The hot-button topic of consent is everywhere right now. On the face of it, it should be simple: ‘Yes’ means yes and ‘no’ means no. But in a scene context, establishing and communicating consent requires thought and planning. This class is designed to cover consent themes of interest to all orientations and genders. It will cover […]

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Embracing Your Primal Side

Presented by: RedRobin Demo and participation (not required) based class, where we first discuss what primal can mean, and then have the opportunity to do some connective exercises with others

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Rough Body Play 101

Presented by: Woodentiger69 Getting physical with someone can really get your blood pumping. Whether it is a slap, a punch, or a kick, rough body play can take you and your partner into another head-space entirely. Join Woodentiger69 for a workshop where you will learn how to properly hurt your partner without causing them harm. This workshop will cover the […]

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Wax Play

Presented by: Firm Hand Buddha & Aropedeevil Join FHB and Aropedeevil for a demonstration on creative, erotic, and sadistic use of low-temperature candles. Whether you are seeking to create a sensation of sensual massage or stinging pain play, wax can accommodate! The class will cover how-to basics, tricks to create visually pleasing effects, and using wax to make a bottom […]

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Honest Non Monogamy 101

Presented by: Mel Mariposa Open relationships? Polyamory? Relationship Anarchy? For many people, ethical and honest non monogamy is about freedom: freedom to love who you want, when you want, in whatever way feels authentic between adults and is mutually consensual. It has a rosy reputation for being about not putting limitations on whom or how you love, being able to […]

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Making Pain Last: How to get the most out of your bottom

Presented by: River Dark Are you interested in how pain works? Are you interested in how to better help your bottom process and cope with pain? Have you and your playmate ever wanted to go deeper physically, but instead reached a wall that you can’t seem to get past? Have you ever wanted to push a bottom past what they […]

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Honored Objects

Presented by: Miss Amy Red This class teases objectification apart from the often-commingled concepts of humiliation and degradation. We’ll look at ways we already objectify while still acknowledging the value, purpose and appeal of those objects. Then we’ll explore some tools we can use to turn up the volume on those dynamics for even more hot connection.

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Chastity Training: Learning to Love the Lock

Presented by: Princess Kali The thought of chastity usually strikes terror as well as exhilaration in the heart of the one being locked. With a mix of tease and denial, power and control, and a little physical suffering thrown in for good measure, Chastity Training can add whole new (and surprising!) dimensions to your sexual relationships. Whether it’s used for […]

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Structuring the D/s Relationship and the Rose Colored Glasses Phenomenon

Presented by: Mistress Marlene The relationship between domination and submission has a certain complex simplicity, it can be crazy making and amazing simultaneously but make no mistake, it will always be work, hard work. It begins with the choices we make on both sides of the slash. Making conscious deliberate decisions has its own kind of power and self worth, […]

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It’s all about the Attitude

Presented by: Mistress Marlene Attitude will eventually make or break D/s opportunities and relationships. It really doesn’t matter which side of the slash one is on. Attitude leads us to or from those we might hope to spend our lives with. The questions I would pose are, as a dominant how do you see yourself as being perceived through the […]

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Authentic Domination

Presented by: Princess Kali In this class, Princess Kali will dispel the fears and stereotypes commonly associated with domination. Find the spark that ignites your dominant desires and reveal your inner-self. Archetypes, style, integrity, communication skills and effective use of aftercare will all be considered in this brand new class which focuses less on the activity and more on the […]

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Service: Devotion in Deed

Presented by: Miss Amy Red What is it that makes some service relationships so powerful and intimate? Participants are invited consider how service fits into their relationships, what each side of the exchange gets from it, and what can be done to fine-tune for sustainable service relationships. Whether you’re newly curious or seasoned and experienced in service relationships, this workshop […]

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Courageous Conversations

Presented by: Mel Mariposa Why do we hold back from sharing what’s alive and true for us? How can we turn conflict from something that separates us into something that brings us closer together? What can we do to invite deeper spaces of listening and courage in relationships? In this workshop, Mel will guide us through a reflection of how […]

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The Top and the Art of Topping: The Devil is in the details

Presented by: River Dark What is a bottom looking for in a Top? Why do bottoms complain that there is a shortage of good Tops? It is a rare bottom who will bemoan the fact that they can’t find a Top who will flog them like so, use needles like so, or tie them up like so. Instead they talk […]

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When it’s Not Just Fun and Games: Playing on the Dark Side

Presented by: River Dark What about when it’s not “fun”? What about when it does not feel “good”? Is it Ok for a Top to inflict pain purely for their own sadistic pleasure without considering the needs or wants of their bottom? If a bottom accepts this are they abused and in need of an intervention? Is training just about […]

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Leather 101

Presented by: BusDriver & Pink “Leather” can be a hard topic to understand. What is it? How do people ‘become’ part of the Leather community? What are some of the key differences and similarities between BDSM and Leather? In this class we’ll look at what draws kinksters to the Leather lifestyle. BusDriver and his girl Pink will share some basic […]

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M/s, D/s, and Leather Relationships

Presented by:BusDriver & Pink For those brave souls interested in developing a power shifted relationship or finding new inspirations for an existing one, this class shares some of the practical tools and advanced skills essential to developing healthy, sustainable, long-term relationships. Our goal is to help you get the most mutual satisfaction out of your power-shifted and emotionally-charged arrangement, and […]

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Cupping 101: An Introduction to Fire Cupping

Presented by: Woodentiger69 Fire cupping has been used for healing in many cultures, and can elicit unique sensations. This ancient technique has been incorporated into the kinky lexicon and can be enjoyed in many different ways. Woodentiger is a registered acupuncturist and has used therapeutic fire cupping in his clinic for over 10 years. He has applied this knowledge of […]

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A Deeper Shade of Red: Advanced Erotic Humiliation & Degradation

Presented by: Princess Kali Humiliation isn’t just about smeared mascara and groveling under boots, it’s also about exploring vulnerability, trust, control, and sacrifice through absurdity, amusement, and consensual cruelty. If you’ve played with psychological torment before & are interested in learning more about your desires & potential new ways to play, then this class is definitely for you. We’ll dive […]

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Presented by: Mistress Marlene Once upon a time in foreign lands (and still to this day) the mode of corporal punishment in schools and during interrogations of detainees was the simple punishment (torture) of Bastinado or Falaka. We are beginning to see more and more desire to practice this ancient art of Bastinado/Falaka in the BDSM communities in North America. […]

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Chaos in the Dungeon

Presented by: Cat Maverick Crazy ideas from the light hearted, through the fun and 2 steps past ridiculous: A lively class about improv, improbable toys, impossible predicaments, and hilarious games. Imparting joy into D/s and S&M…This is why we call it PLAY. (apologies in advance for noisy laughter and disruptive noise)

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Genitals! They aren’t JUST for pleasure!

Presented by: Cat Maverick Mild to wild – genitals offer an exciting playground for torment. This class will cover anatomy and safety considerations and then delve into things like: bondage, temperature play, clothespins, elastics, ball busting and cunt punting, needles and piercing play, clamps and weights, chemical play, stretching / filling / poking, bondage and chastity, elastics and other super […]

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Super Fluffy Needle Torture

Presented by: Cat Maverick Do you have a real masochist on your hands? Are you tired of wearing yourself out hitting them with things? This class will allow you to torture them while sitting down! Needles can be used for so many things – but torture is a good one. This class covers the basics: clean technique and safety… and […]

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Heavy Flogging: Deep Impact

Presented by: BusDriver & Pink This flogging workshop is for people who are looking to kick their impact game up a notch, and would like to learn how to really put the hurt on their play partners safely. The goals of this workshop are to show you new techniques to use with existing toys, to broaden your play repertoire and […]

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Queer. Kinkster. Nerd. Slut. Educator. Activist. Redrobin is a Vancouver based international presenter of alternative sexuality and identifies as a queer, genderfluid (she/her), polyamorous, sex/body positive, top heavy switch. She’s been involved in her local sex and kink community since 2007. She began teaching lap dancing classes for The Bachelor Plan in 2010, then in 2014 taught her first BDSM […]

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Xanthine identifies as a queer, sadomasochistic science nerd with a fondness for rope, ridiculousness, agony, and release. They focus their community efforts on education and promotion of responsible edge play with a goal of safer, more accessible spaces and a more diverse and welcoming crowd of weirdoes. They have taught at Kinkfest, Conception, Fapcon, Westcoast Bound, Dark Odyssey and other […]

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Miss Amy Red is, or sometimes identifies as: instigator, service-oriented, polyamorous, cat herder, active bottom, treasured property, rope partner, submissive and occasional top. Most of all, she is passionate about powerful education and empowered relationships. S he served her local community as the Maitre’d of Seattle’s Libertine Social Club, a high-protocol service event, where she trained and provided leadership for […]

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