All About Gags

October 31, 2016 at 12:29 pm ,

By Lew

Lew Rubens is a true gag fetishist and has been practicing the ins and outs of gagging for many years. (See what we did there?) If you too think silence is not only golden but sexy, fun and sometimes practical – join Lew in this fun, hands-on class.

What you’ll learn

Different types of gags, including cleave gags, ballgags, ring gags, mouth stuffing and tape gags, rope gags and more.

Tips for inserting, removing and adjusting your gag of choice to ensure a safe and fun experience.
Maintaining communication when you’ve eliminated words as an option.
Choking pitfalls and how avoid them!

What to bring to class

If you have gags, bring them. If not, don’t worry. Lew has plenty of samples. There will be an opportunity to practice on your partner(s), if you like.

Who should attend

Anyone; from the curious-about gags to the veteran enthusiast.

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