Countdown To Westcoast Bound 2015


Westcoast Bound 2015

"Alive and Alone" Model: MzShank, Photographer: Ira Rotenberg - Positive Body Image Photography


"Gimme a minute, I need to go wash someone's blood out of my mouth." ~ Anonymous

"Aim for the sky. If you aim for the ground, you will hit it. Gravity works that way on this planet of ours" ~ Anonymous

"Thank you for getting up at the hour of stupid to watch me be a jackass"~ Polar

"Dead puppies are no fun. They can't catch a ball. They don't come when you call" ~ River Dark

"We're not hurting anyone, we're creating blissfully intense sensation memories!" ~ Polar

"I have no more fucks to give. I have to declare fuckruptcy."~ Mollena

Get ready for Vancouver's wildest, kinkiest week-end! Starting Friday, January 30th and continuing till Sunday February 1st, Vancouver will echo to the sound of canes, paddles, single tails and the sweet cries of submissives. Mark your calendars and buy your tickets, because you will NOT want to miss this!

Westcoast Bound 2015 will feature 40 classes organized into four tracks, each dedicated to an educational theme. The Conference also boasts two play parties in Vancouver’s largest dungeon (5,000 sq. ft.) featuring MVK’s Bondage Gazebo which can accommodate 9 cozy, simultaneous suspensions or 5 simultaneous suspensions with plenty of space.

Westcoast Bound 2015 aims to surpass last year's success with a formidable roster of presenters and a rich selection of workshops and courses for beginners and seasoned pros alike. The presenters will awe you and the workshops will make your hearts race, so whether you are Master, slave, kinkster or switch this week-end is for you.

So stay tuned for more on this wickedly kinky event!

And in case it isn't already obvious....

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Ticket Sales
Tickets will go on sale at our July 12 Vancouver Dungeon party, or buy your tickets online!
  • July 12th to August 2nd Members: $100 / Non-Members: $125
  • August 3th to November 8th Members: $125 / Non-Members: $150
  • November 9th to January 29th Members: $150 / Non-Members: $175

Conference Venue

The conference is happening at the Maritime Labour Centre in Vancouver. See below for contact info and a Google map.